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Welcome to NOSA Tech Solutions, the digital alchemists turning your marketing spend into gold. We’re not just a tech agency; we’re the architects of your online empire, the masterminds behind your digital transformation.

Our Philosophy

Innovate, Automate, Dominate We believe in the power of innovation to elevate businesses. Our approach is simple yet profound: we innovate to create bespoke solutions, automate to streamline success, and dominate by ensuring your brand is the benchmark in your industry.

The NOSA Tech Solutions Team

Noah “The Data Oracle” Bradley

The Architect of Insights

As our visionary CEO, Noah doesn’t just crunch numbers; he dances with data. His mornings begin in data lakes, where he dives deep, extracting insights like precious gems. From market trends to user behavior, Noah transforms raw information into actionable strategies.

Sapna “Big Boss” Sharma

The Heartbeat of Growth

Sapna isn’t just our COO; she’s the heartbeat of NOSA. Tireless, tenacious, and fiercely dedicated, she’ll move mountains (or at least pivot tables) to ensure your business thrives. Client relations? Her superpower. Need a solution at 2 a.m.? Sapna’s on it.

Leroy “The Russian” Chiteza

Code Ninja Extraordinaire

Leroy isn’t your typical tech guy; he’s the ultimate code ninja. His keyboard isn’t just a tool; it’s a weapon against bugs and inefficiencies. Whether it’s Python, JavaScript, or a dash of SQL, Leroy’s spells transform lines of code into functional magic.

Rafique “Guddu bhai” Jamadar

The Finance Alchemist

Guddubhai isn’t just about numbers; he’s about multiplying and increasing earning potential . As our finance guru, he balances spreadsheets like a tightrope walker. Budgets, forecasts, ROI—he knows the language of prosperity.

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